Media Reviews of Tim Gartland's Music

"The Boston-based bluesman is a true triple-threat performer: equally accomplished as emotive vocalist, eloquent harmonica player, and evocative songwriter."   - Boston Globe


"Gartland knows how to write a song, how to present it, how to say something with it the listener will want to hear and maybe identify with. It's as if he's dug down through all blues' roots and rabbit holes and found a way to keep the music's spirit intact and yet to let it breathe afresh, in the manner of one who is at once a committed carrier of the tradition and a subtle, ingenious transformer of it. Satisfied satisfies indeed." 

-Jerome Clark, Rambles Roots Music Revews


“Over the course of his career he has developed into a skilled songwriter…his reputation as a superb harp player is well justified...His vocals convey a rich tone and texture…with a richness and resonance that’s stirring throughout.”

- Lee Zimmerman, Living Blues Magazine

...the man plays a mean harmonica. The blues seldom sound so sweet.”

- Bill Brotherton, Boston Herald

“The songs (Gartland’s) themselves are smartly-constructed with clever lyrics that often contain quick-witted word play and unusual half-rhymes. A song like “Artifacts” is a genuinely moving testament to lost love. Great songs, great playing, great production.”                                        

 - Rhys Williams, Blues Blast Magazine

“He’s got that brilliantly-deep, aged-in-the-wood baritone that is perfect for the blues. Listen to “Satisfied,” as it is sho’ nuff funky, funny, hip, sexy, and strong, from a mighty entertaining harpoon man!"

- Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues and Roots Alliance


"Harmonicist Gartland has progressed from being a blues musician to a well-rounded roots artist who blends Southern soul and touches of country into his sound. Gartland is a gifted harmonica player whether using diatonic or chromatic harps. He sings with deep but relaxed soul for his well-crafted songs, replete with a sense of humor and catchy hooks…upbeat, lighthearted, and witty. Nashville is wearing well on him."

- Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine


"Front and center is Garland’s voice. Downbeat compared his smooth baritone to that of Charlie Musselwhite, Willie Dixon and Leon Russell…but my ear hear more clearly hears Rob Thomas and even Johnny Cash. Likewise his harp playing is spot on without being self-indulgent.

 Dan Stevens, Blues Music Magazine


“Gartland wrote all 10 songs, produced and blows his brains out on harmonica. His lyrics go way beyond the usual feel-good romp of a solid blues band…(he) has now made his masterpiece. Tough to pick a highlight as all 10 are great…”

- Mike Schermer, Gold Mine Magazine


"If You Want A Good Woman" (latest album) is loaded with Gartland’s fine vocals and exceptional harmonica work. He is also a strong songwriter ...witty, catchy, fun.

- Bill Copeland, Bill Copeland Music News

"Singer-song crafter-harmonica master Tim Gartland for the past two years has been calling Nashville home. During that time he’s been taking in the rich musical influences that Southern city has to offer as well as honing his songwriting skills razor sharp."

- Brian Owens, Blues Music Magazine, 2017

"Tim is a harp virtuoso who is also blessed with a soulful voice. " (4 ½) of 5 Stars

- Philip Verhaege , Keys and Chords Magazine, Belgium    


"He wrote all of these blues- inspired songs, adding electrifying harmonica fills and touching upon various matters of the heart, plus subjects from Wall Street corruption to even LeBron James."

-Steve Morse, longtime Boston Globe Correspondent who has also contributed to Billboard and Rolling Stone

To sum up "If You Want A Good Woman" in a single word, that would have to be “soulful”. As a singer Tim has a smooth, relaxed baritone, and his band provides just the right support- supple, in the pocket, no showboating needed.

 - The Rock Doctor, John Kereiff 

"Gartland has written some exceptional original songs (he has a way with words), and he and the band deliver very strong performances. His vocal on the opening "What The Blues Look Like," reminded me of Paul Butterfield, with some tasty harp and slide guitar. This is a terrific song that one can see many folks covering '

- Ron Wienstock, In A Blue Mood 

"Tim is that rare combination of inspired intrumentalist, unique vocal stylist, and gifted songwriter.  The fraternity of artists who can claim that hat trick is a select group and when you narrow it down to harpplayers/ vocalists/ composers it comes down to four living artists: James Harman, Mark Hummel, Rick Estrin, and, now, Tim Gartland."

- Charles Sawyer, Harvard University, author of "The Arrival of B.B. King"

“Looking Into the Sun is muscular, yet lean, rich without being overindulgent. It's deeper than a bottomless pool! One of the best recordings of 2011”.

- Greg Sarni President of the Blues Trust

"The songs are topical and meaningful lyrically, while flowing well musically.  What is not to like here? Nothing!"

- Blues Blast Magazine

“I Had It All”, “Where’s the Cure For You” and the prowling “Willie That’s Who” are all heartfelt numbers, organic and bursting with real character. There’s intimate warmth glowing with this lot as Tim audibly lives every nuance he sings or plays".

- Daniel Pavlica, The Rocktoligist


"Tim Gartland has struck gold, on this his best recorded work ever (If You Love A Good Woman). But don’t take my word for it. Get your own copy and give it a spin". 

- Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine

"Nashville-based Tim Gartland is a fine blues harmonica player who generally favors tasteful restraint over technical fireworks, a likeable singer and a skillful songwriter. Indeed every song on If You Want A Good Woman, his third album, is an original (five of them composed with keyboard player Tom West) and they’re all catchy and cleverly written".

- Allan Pearce, Blues Matters

"One of Tim Gartland’s main qualities is his cool, honest and natural way of singing, playing harmonica and song writing . The album includes twelve of Tim Gartland’s compositions he has written in collaboration with his keyboard player Tom West. All songs are gifted with a melodic beauty and accents of soul and blues music... "

- Vicente P. Zumel La Hora del Blues





It reached #13 on the Roots Time Music Report's top 50 Blues Album Charts.

"If You Want A Good Woman" reaches #1 on the Air Play Direct Blues Charts.